Carlton Mellick III’s APESHIT


APESHIT is pretty much exactly what its title implies. The story follows a group of naughty teenagers that goes to a cabin in the woods and comes face to face with a couple of mutant killers. It sounds like the plot of any given FRIDAY THE 13TH clone, but the similarities are really only on the surface. In the pages of this delightful piece of filth, we find out just how depraved our characters really are, that yes, novels can be written with the tropes of cult horror films in place, and in the world of Cartlon Mellick III, nothing is taboo. And, I mean, nothing. Really.

This is not a novel for the feint of heart or the easily offended. Even those who think they are desensitized may want to proceed with caution. I mean all of this with the utmost affection, of course. APESHIT is one of the only books in recent memory to make me laugh out loud, while I was reading it. And that’s the key, folks. It is meant to be a very tongue-in-cheek tribute to both FRIDAY THE 13TH and other cult films.

While it is full of dark humor and vulgarity, it doesn’t lose any power as a thriller. It moves quick, and it features memorable characters and a coherent, if looney, storyline. This one comes highly recommended, if you think you are up to the challenge. I, for one, plan to read many more books by Carlton Mellick III (and with titles like SATAN BURGER and THE HAUNTED VAGINA, how could I resist?).

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