The Friday Five

Here are some goodies I am either looking forward to, or psyched about. By the way, these are things that you, my readers, should also be excited for…

1. BOOLEY! From Potent Pictures, this comedy/thriller packs a hell of a punch and is well worth your time to track down. In fact, I’ll do half the work for you. Buy it at

2. Teacher, author, and friend, Marie Lamba, released OVER MY HEAD, the sequel to her YA hit, WHAT I MEANT. She’s a hell of a writer, and comes highly recommended.

3. On July 31st, Exhumed Films Presents GO APE! They are showing all 5 of the original PLANET OF THE APES films. If you’re an APES fan, this event is a must. Even if you, for some reason, have never seen any of the APES movies, you should go. The first is a classic and a personal favorite of mine. Tickets are at

4. Bestselling author John Skipp is in the process of making ROSE, a bizarro, zombie musical, and you can help!

5. Finally, Lucas Mangum’s Awesome Reading Fest Part 2, is this Sunday in Doylestown. If you’re an author and would like to read, or if you’re just a fan who wants to hang out and listen to a ton of authors (some published, some not) read their pieces, hit me up on Facebook and I’ll send you an invite!!/event.php?eid=220848291270598


One response to “The Friday Five

  1. Counting down the minutes until Reading Fest, Part 2 ~ and anxiously awaiting word that you’re ready to release The Gory Girls.


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