Jersey Justice

When Polly O’Bannon witnesses her husband gunned down on the streets of Philadelphia, she takes revenge on the perpetrators over a 24 hour period. Her journey takes her to New Jersey, where she meets a cast of other vengeful characters who are more than willing to help her in her quest.

JERSEY JUSTICE is an interesting, quirky independent film. Interesting because instead of casting a rugged “tough guy” in the vigilante role, we are given a soccer mom who has lost everything and decides to take revenge. The film’s quirkiness comes from its cast of characters that are at times bizarre and goofy. These two aspects of JERSEY JUSTICE make it a strong entry in the indie market.

Another commendable aspect is that the villains are not faceless, cartoonish baddies. Instead, they are real people entangled in a wicked world. One of the villains responsible for Mr. O’Bannon’s death is a regular guy with a wife and a home, conducting his crime behind the scenes. He’s afraid and even feels regret for having killed an innocent.

Polly and her husband’s backstory, with the loss of their son in an Arab country, and their frustration with the reprecussions of it, also brings another dimension to the story. It makes her struggle real because it’s pulled from today’s headlines.

With a strong cast, including Bo Svenson (KILL BILL VOL 2) and Christopher Mann (THE WIRE), well-fleshed out characters, and a fast-paced story, JERSEY JUSTICE is a fun revenge film. Folks who enjoy films like DEATH WISH, ABOVE THE LAW, and MAD MAX are sure to enjoy JERSEY JUSTICE. Props to indie filmmaker John Charles Hunt for bringing it!

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