The Friday Five 7/22/11

This week’s Friday Five! Things I’m psyched over that you should be too.

1. I can’t help it! I saw the footage for the new BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD series, and found a lot to like. It was classic Mike Judge humor at its best. Watching them poke fun at Snooki and the Jersey Shore was particularly special.

2. Tuesday, THE DAMNED HIGHWAY: FEAR & LOATHING IN ARKHAM comes out from Dark Horse. This collaboration between Brian Keene and Nick Mamatas brings the gonzo journalism style of Hunter S. Thompson crashing into the uncanny horror of H.P. Lovecraft. Featuring the cult of Cthulhu, led by Richard M. Nixon, this is one of the most anticipated books of the year for me.

3. 2 days ago, legendary horror publisher, Cemetery Dance, opened their ebook store! Titles from Peter Straub, William Peter Blatty, Stephen King and more…

4. Roxsy Tyler released their first Carnival of Horrors DVD where they host Attack of the Giant Leeches while having a Blood Drive. Also includes a never before seen blooper reel and the music video for Demon Feeder! Get yours at for only $5.99 plus shipping!

5. John Skipp’s ROSE made, and exceeded, it’s goal on Kickstarter! Now the world is a little closer to bizarro, zombie goodness!

It’s been a fun week, with more fun also on the horizon for the next.

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