One Buck Horror, Volume 2

For those that aren’t familiar with it, One Buck Horror is an electronic magazine that publishes horror fiction that is 3000 words or less, and each volume is downloadable for only a dollar. Their second volume became available last month and I was lucky enough to receive a review copy.

Consisting of five short stories, One Buck Horror provides a healthy dose of old school horror. The first tale, “What Swims These Waters,” is written by Daniel Ausema and follows two people lost at sea, a sea that may or may not be populated by carnivorous monsters. The real treasure here is the way the story is told, with a first person narrator as one character and you as the other. This dynamic provides an interesting spin on the story.

While all the stories are of quality, “Holes” by Sean Logan is a strong standout, featuring nastiness like human trafficking and otherworldly monsters with narcotic-expelling tentacles. This one was action-packed and far-out. Hats off to author, Sean Logan.

David Bischoff’s “Beastie” is a bizarre tale about the nocturnal habits of one wicked cat. Bischoff has written a ton of novels, including an ALIENS novel (GENOCIDE) that I have fond memories of. “Beastie” gets under the skin quickly and doesn’t leave until long after the story is over.

“3 Monkeys” by Adam Howe creeped me out. Seriously.

Volume Two of One Buck Horror ends on a dark, somber note with Michael Penkas’ “The Afterlife of Ellen Easterling.” Told from the point of view of a ghost living in the house where she was tortured and killed, she watches helplessly as the killer takes victim after victim. Unpleasant subject matter, but made fun by good writing.

What makes One Buck Horror work is its uncompromising approach to the genre. It knows what it is, and isn’t afraid to revel in it. This is old school horror at its best: creepy, icky, and tons of fun to read. Both volumes are available, with a third on the way. I urge all horror fans to take a look; there are many gems to find. Head over to for further info.

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