All right, kids, tomorrow I will be getting married. After that I will be on my honeymoon for the next few weeks. We’re taking a road trip and stopping in Nashville, Austin, San Antonio, New Orleans (‘scuse me, N’Awlins!) and Myrtle Beach. Needless to say, updates will be few and far between.

That being said, here is what you can expect when I get back:

September 17th is Lucas Mangum’s Awesome Reading Fest 3D! 23 are attending and there’s always room for more. For those that don’t know, Awesome Reading Fest is a bi-monthly event that I host where authors, published and unpublished, have an opportunity to read in front of their audience. The only stipulation is that the piece must be a thousand words or less. There have been two before this one and both were tons of fun. Those who are interested in attending should drop me a line at L.Mangum.Fiction@gmail.com or on Facebook.

September-October: The e-anthology, SPLATTERPUNK IS NOT DEAD, featuring my short story “Welcome to Video Babylon” is due out and available for download from Macabro Xtreme Publishing. My piece is a dark psychological tale of splatter fiction about a married woman whose single adulterous act tears open the fabric of her reality and forces her to face the horrors of her own existence in some nasty, surreal ways.

October: My e-short story “Goblins” will be available on Smashwords. Synopsis: Connor and his sister Christine head to the town of Yester Castle, TN in search of Christine’s wayward husband. Instead, they find a town overrun by murderous goblins and become engaged in a grueling fight for their survival. Featuring an excellent cover by the talented James Anderson!

Needless to say these are exciting times! Hope the rest of everyone’s summer is as fun as mine.

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