The Making of Goblins, Part 2 – Going Rogue (not)

As we get closer to the release date of “Goblins,” I feel the need to clear something up. Though I am releasing it independently on Smashwords, this does not mean I am choosing the path of self-publishing for all my endeavors. My ultimate goal is to be traditionally published. In fact, my novella FLESH & FIRE is currenlty under review at a traditional publisher. No, “Goblins” and the other short stories that I will be releasing over the coming months are another way for me to build my platform and connect with readers. I can be friended on Facebook, followed on Twitter, connected with on LinkedIn, and I create content for this blog (as well as contribute regularly to Cinedelphia and do guest blogs for my other writer friends). This fall, I’m adding self-released short stories to the list of ways for you all to get to know me and my writing better.

The idea to self-publish it came last May during one of Jonathan Maberry’s Revise and Sell classes. It wasn’t long after Borders really started to go up in flames and when the whole Dorchester fiasco was going down. I’d done the first draft of “Goblins” already, but hadn’t submitted it anywhere yet because I was too busy with THE GORY GIRLS and organizing the first Awesome Reading Fest. The news was that with the landscape the way it is the major publishers were wary about taking on an unknown author. Where self-publishing was once a big no-no, it was now okay to independently release short stories for the sake of platform-building.

I thought Goblins would be the ideal choice, as it was already written, and my prereaders had told me that it was a ton of fun. So I gave myself a target goal for the end of October (it would have been sooner, but as most of you know, the summer was a very busy time for me). It would be the first of a series of self-released, short horror stories.

Now, one thing folks who plan to self-publish need to remember is that checklists are your friend. Releasing something without the help of a traditional publisher puts all the responsibility on you, and if you want what you release to be professional, no base should remain uncovered. I’m lucky enough, through writer’s groups and other means, to be surrounded by a group of creative, meticulous, and dedicated people. For the artwork, I tapped James Anderson, who owed me a favor. For editing, I gave it a few passes myself, then I sat through a great critique session with two other writers, and then I had it proofed by a professional.

In the interest of giving readers a little something extra, next month will see the release of the soundtrack to “Goblins,” a four-track EP of songs composed with the story in mind. The songs were written by myself and James Anderson and are in the vein of John Carpenter’s early film scores.

“Goblins” comes out on Smashwords the week of Halloween.

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