Goblins and Ghosts

This past week saw Halloween come and go, the end of daylight savings, and the beginning of the annual cold fronts. Halloween was spent inside, but the real celebration was Exhumed Films’ 24 Hour Horrorthon that took place the weekend before. Though I only made it through 18 hours worth of film, it was still a legendary time to remember. The standouts of the night were Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Night Warning, Frankenhooker, Trick or Treat (starring Ozzy Osbourne as a televangelist!!), and Psychomania. On a monthly basis, Exhumed Films manages to satisfy my insatiable needs of countless B-horror fans, and the Horrorthon is like Superbowl Weekend for us.

On Halloween, Goblins, my short horror story, was released on Smashwords. It is available in any electronic format for the low price of 99 cents. It’s my love letter to the types of films you would catch at an Exhumed screening, full of cult weirdness, dark sexuality, and an unconventional approach to a familiar monster.

It’s perfect to keep the autumnal spirit alive during the increasingly cold weather.

Now it’s November. For fellow people of the page, that means it’s National Novel Writing Month. I have joined the forum for kicks, though I’m kind of cheating, as I’m using a novel I’ve already been working on. The title is MANIA. The story follows William Ward, a controversial film director who starts shooting from a script that is rumored to be cursed, and he finds himself targeted by a vengeful ghost. The spirit is a failed actress-turned succubus who is tied to Ward’s past and determined to destroy his future.

In addition to being National Novel Writing Month, November is historically chaotic. The holiday spirit, something often more terrifying than even the best horror authors could dream up, is in the air. It will only get colder as the months go by. If that doesn’t depress you, the elections are here to shower us with reminders that someone, somewhere is fucking all of us over, and hollow promises that it will all go away if you “vote for me, vote for me, vote for me.”


My fellow authors, readers, friends, tune it out. Unless the chaos inspires you, tune it all out. Awesome Reading Fest 4 is on the horizon for early December, and we will all be together again soon.

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