New Year’s Revolutions

I don’t care for the concept of New Year’s Resolutions (or “quit dates,” or any other pre-planned days to get up and do something). My view on deciding to do something in akin to a Nike commercial. The best way to move forward is to decide and then act. Just Do It. Nevertheless, here is the first blog entry of 2012, a year in which I have resolved to blog more.

There are some who believe that this will be our last year on earth. My prediction is that their theories will go the way of this guy…

This guy...

So, what can we ACTUALLY expect from 2012. Well, it’s an election year. For some of us, that’s more exciting than the Superbowl, the Rapture, and the Brady Bunch reunion combined. Others couldn’t possibly care less. What else? There’s a ton of movies to look forward to: The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, and Prometheus are at the top of my list.

Deer Crossing, a movie that I’m more excited for than any of those three, gets an east coast premiere on January 28 and a Hollywood premiere later this spring. You may remember Deer Crossing as the upcoming film from the director of Booley, Christian Jude Grillo. The trailer has a quote from yours truly in it, and the film itself stars Christopher Mann, Doug Bradley, and Ernie Hudson.

In other news, Stephen King is releasing a new Dark Tower book. After the awesomeness that was 11/22/63, I’m foaming at the mouth for more. Jonathan Maberry’s got another Joe Ledger book on the way. The cool cats at Exhumed Films are running a series of shows where they’re screening the best movies from their 24 Hour Horrorthons over the years. They also will be doing eX-Fest 2 (oh hell yeah!).

From me, expect a ton of activity here: interviews, reviews, and possibly some free short stories. The first interview scheduled is Marie Lamba on Feb. 9th as part of her Drawn Blog Ghost Tour. In addition to blogs here, I have a few guest blogging gigs lined up for myself, so keep an eye out as more of those come along. The first of these is for the good folks at Blunt Force Cinema. You can check that out here

Later this winter, you should also expect to finally see my short story Welcome to Video Babylon. It was originally accepted to be part of the anthology, Splatterpunk is Not Dead from Macabro Xtreme Publishing. Unfortunately, that anthology is no longer coming out. Instead, Welcome to Video Babylon will be released as an e-short story through Trestle Press. Goblins, my previous short story, is still available here.

Finally, mark your calendars. Awesome Reading Fest 5 will be Saturday, February 4 from 4pm to 7pm at Doylestown Books. If you would like to read, please RSVP by dropping me an email at or messaging me on Facebook. Awesome Reading Fest 6 sees the event hitting the road. It will be held at In Between Books down in Claymont, Delaware. This will be on March 24th at 7pm.

That’s about it for me. In the meantime, I hope everyone’s holidays were great and that 2012 brings you all much fun and success!

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