Lucas Mangum’s Awesome Reading Fest 5

Last night at the Doylestown Bookshop local authors took part in the fifth edition of Lucas Mangum’s Awesome Reading Fest. With 17 people reading and others who came just to listen this was one of the largest Reading Fests yet. Each author was able to read a piece that is 1000 words or less. The work could be published or unpublished. It could be a complete piece of flash fiction or an excerpt of a longer work. Featuring work of authors from Liars Club members Jon McGoran and Dennis Tafoya to newcomers like Donna Galanti and Laurie Kellogg, the community was out in full force.

Please see the list of authors who read below, and keep an eye on my YouTube Channel for videos from the readings.

Lucas Mangum
David Kempf
Keith Strunk
Chris Bauer
Tiffany Schmidt
Donna Galanti
Kathryn Craft,
Dennis Tafoya
Jessica Cooper
Marie Entenman
Laurie Kellogg
Bernie Mojzes
AC Wise
Ruth Littner
Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban
Don Lafferty
Jon McGoran

3 responses to “Lucas Mangum’s Awesome Reading Fest 5

  1. Great time Lucas! Thanks for all you do to bring writers together in person. So great to strengthen connections face to face and hear so many talented authors reading! Thanks also for listing me as an “author” on your site here!


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