American Horror Story – Asylum, Episode 13: Madness Ends

Friends, as you know I’ve been covering this season of American Horror Story for the good people over at Biff Bam Pop. Check out my recap of the finale below:

We waited for this! All season, the writers of American Horror Story delivered us multiple plot threads, including elements as far out as alien abduction and demonic possession, as well as gritty, realistic elements such as the maltreatment of patients at the hands of corrupt orderlies of a mental institute. We waited to see how it would all tie together. Then an odd thing happened. In episode eleven, the story seemed to dramatically wind down, providing resolutions for some characters, while leaving only three plot threats unresolved. I admittedly wasn’t sure where things would go for the final two episodes. Needless to say, I was psyched for the conclusion of this season. Season one, after all, had wrapped things up so nicely. I couldn’t wait to see more of Dylan McDermott as Zachary Quinto’s damaged offspring. More specifically, how  things would play out between him and his mother, Lana. Then there was Sister Jude, still trapped in the walls of Briarcliff, heavily medicated and a shell of her former self. And Kit, who I always felt bad for. He was definitely the character that all the misery is bestowed upon, and all of it is undeserved. I wanted justice for him so badly.

So, does the finale deliver on the promise of earlier episodes? Read on to see… American Horror Story – Asylum, Episode 13: Madness Ends.

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