My Thoughts on World War Z

I caught a screening of World War Z on Tuesday and Cinedelphia was gracious enough to publish my review.

World War Z is a film that in many ways, seems like it has come along too late. The past ten years has seen a deluge of zombie films released, three seasons of the successful TV series The Walking Dead, and the subgenre was brilliantly parodied just this year with the excellent Warm Bodies. Max Brooks’ groundbreaking novel was released at the height of the craze back in the mid-2000s, and that craze seems to be dying down. The time to adapt it seemed to have come and gone. That, coupled with production delays and the fact that Brooks himself hasn’t spoken highly of the film version sent me into the theater with my share of doubts. However, I’m happy to say that World War Z is a film that is full of surprises.”

You can check it out the rest of my review here.

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