Lucas Mangum’s Hidden Horror Gems

My latest entry of Lucas Mangum’s Hidden Horror Gems sees me looking at John McNaughton’s follow-up to Henry: Portrait of a Serial KillerThe Borrower.

You’ve got to hand it to John McNaughton for following up his bleak, nihilistic (but brilliant!) crime thriller, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, with this bizarre, quirky sci-fi horror outing. The film is about a criminal alien sentenced to a be devolved into a human being and set loose on “savage planet Earth,” for his crimes. There’s just one problem, his head keeps exploding and he needs to borrow another one. This makes for some truly over-the-top shenanigans. Standing in his way is tough city cop (Rae Dawn Chong) whose beliefs in reality are challenged when headless bodies pile up and witness all give similar accounts of a strange alien creature.

Read the rest right here.

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