Publishing Deal!

Friends! I am proud to announce that Flesh and Fire will be published by Christopher C. Payne and Journalstone Publishing as part of their Double Down series. My piece will be paired with a brand new Pine Deep novella by Jonathan Maberry, and it’s set to come out in Spring/Summer of 2015.

I’m having trouble trying to find the words for how psyched I am. This has been a long road–the first incarnation of Flesh and Fire was written in 2011–and I have a ton of people to whom I’m grateful. While I realize this is what an acknowledgments page is for, some of this can’t wait. My wife Jean has been wonderfully supportive; the short novel has been in progress the entirety of our marriage and she’s always been encouraging. Secondly, Jonathan Maberry is owed a huge thanks for being a friend, mentor and an endless well of inspiration. Knowing him has taught me many facets of the craft and the business, as well as introduced me to some great professionals who have since become friends. Thirdly, Christopher Payne and the folks at Journalstone for believing the manuscript is worth publishing. This promises to be the beginning of a great relationship. Lastly, everyone who has looked at the manuscript and given me valuable feedback and advice: my brother Vincent Mangum, writer Patrick Galloway, crime writer Dennis Tafoya, author/screenwriter Joe Augustyn, and filmmaker Dave Tafoya. If I left anyone out, please remember I wrote this in a fit of excitement and my acknowledgments page will be composed by a more composed me.

Stay tuned for future updates.

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