Halloween Stuff, Day 2-Exhumed Films’ 24-Hour Horrorthon

As some of you know, in November I move from the Philadelphia area to Austin Texas. If you were to ask me what I’d miss the most, I’d first say my friends and family, but a close second would be the film screenings in the area. The greatest of these is Exhumed Films’ 24-Hour Horrorthon, a day’s worth of horror movies screened toward the end of October to celebrate Halloween. When Exhumed Films announced the first event back in 2007, I was excited, but I also marvelled at the feat ahead for both the programmers and the viewers. Now, here I am, seven years later and considering flying back every October for these.

Tonight will be Exhumed’s seventh Horrorthon and the final one I’ll be attending as a Philadelphia resident.

For today’s Halloween celbration, dig last year’s poster created by the great Justin Miller.